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How much should be spent on a diamond? How much does a one-carat diamond cost? How does quality affect the price?

How much should be spent on a diamond?
A most important consideration when purchasing a diamond is the establishing of a budget. How much should be spent on the diamond is a very personal consideration that ultimately only you can answer. Although many jewelers and trade organizations recommend that you spend two-months' salary for an engagement ring, we at Gemological Services recommend that you establish a budget that you can reasonably afford. It should be recognized that the engagement ring is only the first in a number of expenses involved in getting married. You should also recognize that the engagement ring is a unique acquisition in that it should properly represent your love and commitment for that special girl. The engagement ring and wedding band are the only items of jewelry you will give to her that she is likely to wear every day for the rest of her life.

What does the average customer spend?
Most college students spend in the range of $500 to $3000 for a diamond in the size range of .30 to .80 carat. Those who are out of school and in career jobs with greater financial stability will typically spend more for a finer quality or larger diamond.

How much does a one-carat diamond cost?
The cost of a diamond will vary greatly depending upon its quality. The cost of a one-carat diamond will vary from as little as $200 in a poor quality to over $15,000 in a perfect quality. As much as we would all love to own the perfect diamond, most of us are faced with certain budget constraints in life. In order to purchase the ultimate quality and stay within your budget you would have to limit the size of the diamond.

How should size be balanced with quality?
When purchasing a diamond it is important to strike a good balance between size and quality. Don't focus solely on size and end up with a big diamond that lacks beauty; nor do you want to end up at the other extreme where you have the ultimate in quality but you have had to limit yourself to a tiny diamond to stay within your budget. As important as size is, most girls would prefer to have a diamond a little bit smaller if they can avoid having visible imperfections or any noticeable yellow color.