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Diamonds do need care to keep them at their brilliant best. A clean diamond not only reflects light better, but actually looks bigger than one that's been "dulled" by skin oils, soap, cosmetics, and cooking grease. A little time invested in the care of your ring will go a long way in keeping your investment sparkling.

It is recommended that you clean your diamond once a week to keep it displaying its full potential of brilliance. The ring may be soaked in any commercial jewelry cleaner, diluted ammonia, or window cleaner (you can't hurt the diamond or metal by soaking it too long). After soaking the ring, brush the diamond with a small brush (a toothbrush works fine). Do not hesitate to brush the underside of the diamond by working the bristles of the brush between the prongs. Rinse under water and dry with a lint-free cloth.

It is recommended that you have your ring professionally checked once a year for damage and the tightness of the stones in the setting. Most jewelers offer this service free of charge regardless of where you purchased the ring. It should only take a few minutes and often includes a professional cleaning of the diamond. Although you may have the ring you purchased from Gemological Services checked at any jewelry store, we require that you consult us prior to having repair work done or adjustments made to the ring by another jeweler. Items purchased from Gemological Services that have been altered or worked on by another jeweler may result in the guarantee being terminated.

It is recommended that you insure your purchase against loss or theft. Gemological Services provides two copies of an appraisal document with every diamond purchase. One copy of the appraisal document may be forwarded to your insurance agent to schedule the coverage under your homeowner's or apartment policy. Please contact us if you are unable to obtain the insurance coverage and we will forward to you an application so that you may obtain coverage through Jeweler's Mutual.


  • Don't let your jewelry come in contact with chlorine bleach or other chemicals when doing housework. It won't hurt the diamond, but it can pit and weaken the mounting.

  • Don't let your jewelry come in contact with mercury from a broken thermometer. Even a minute residue of mercury will discolor and deteriorate the mounting.

  • Don't wear your jewelry playing sports or doing rough work. Although diamonds are durable, it is possible to chip a diamond with a sharp blow on any hard surface.

  • Don't jumble your jewelry in the same jewelry case or pouch. Diamonds can scratch one another or other items of jewelry.