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Our Guarantee to You

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Best Price Guarantee


Gemological Services guarantees to have the best value on GIA-certified diamonds that you will find anywhere.  During the first year of ownership if you were to find a lower price on a comparable size and quality, GIA-certified diamond; we will refund the difference.  We will not be undersold.


This best price guarantee is applicable either prior to the consummation of your purchase and/or extending through the first year of ownership.


Gemological Services will beat any price you find regardless of whether it be from a retailer's 70% off sale, a "wholesaler's" special offering, a "going-out-of-business" sale, an internet transaction, or from any other established business in the jewelry industry.


This guarantee is limited to diamonds that have been certified by the GIA or AGS and are of a comparable size and quality. Because we provide only the best in diamond certification for non-treated, well proportioned stones; we ask that you compare our diamonds only to stones from merchants who offer the same.


We will honor this guarantee when you provide us a photocopy or URL link to the GIA or AGS certificate on the diamond at the lower price, the price at which the stone is being offered, and the name and phone number of the merchant offering the lower price.

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Quality Guarantee


Gemological Services sells quality diamonds certified by the Gem Trade Laboratory of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world's most recognized and respected gemological organization.  Gemological Services is in full compliance and supports United Nations resolutions on "conflict free" diamonds.


Gemological Services sells only quality mounts to display and protect your diamond investment. We guarantee your purchase against defects in manufacturing for a full year from the date of purchase.

What the guarantee covers

1.   Broken prongs (breakage of the tip or complete prong)
2.   Loss of the primary diamond due to a broken prong
3.   Loss of side stones (abuse exempt)
4.   Break in the head from the ring
5.   Break in the sizing seam
6.   Break in a solder joint

What the guarantee does not cover

1.   Theft or loss
2.   Abusive damage
3.   Bent prongs
4.   Damaged stones
5.   Normal wear
6.   Finish/polish

What voids the guarantee

1.   Alterations done by another jeweler without authorization from Gemological Services
2.   Repairs done by another jeweler without authorization from Gemological Services
3.   Contact with corrosive chemicals or abuse beyond normal wear

Insurance coverage

The above guarantee does not negate the need to insure the ring against theft, loss, and catastrophic damage. Gemological Services provides insurance appraisal documents with each purchase so that you may obtain this coverage. If you do not have an existing policy under which your purchase may be scheduled, we will provide you with an application for coverage with Jewelers Mutual.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

More important to us than selling you an item of fine jewelry is gaining your total satisfaction with your purchase.  This is because we consider a satisfied customer to be our most effective form of advertising.  We believe that if you are delighted with the quality, value, and service received from Gemological Services, you will refer your family and friends to us.  We want to do whatever is required to gain your 100% satisfaction.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from Gemological Services, please let us know.
If you are 100% satisfied with your purchase from Gemological Services, please let your friends know.

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Gemological Laboratory Certification

As a service to our customers, Gemological Services provides certification on most diamonds over .30 carat in size.  In light of the prevalent saturation of overgraded, misproportioned, and treated diamonds in the marketplace, most consumer organization highly recommend purchasing only diamonds that have been properly graded and certified by a recognized laboratory.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is recognized and respected both domestically and internationally as the industry leader in diamond certification.  GIA is a non-profit educational institution founded in 1949 which has developed and defined the color, clarity, and cut grading system which is used throughout the world.  GIA is recognized and respected for unbiased integrity and strict grading standards as seen in every certificate produced.  To learn more about GIA

Importance of GIA certification

1.   GIA certification is a full disclosure of all factors that impact value

2.   GIA certification removes jeweler bias or misrepresentation

3.   GIA certification discloses any treatment or enhancements

4.   GIA certification provides a strict accurate grading

5.   GIA certification alerts the conumer to potential problems with the diamond

6.   GIA certification provides a solid basis for future identification and confirmation

7.   GIA certification assures for a precise replacement with an insured loss

8.   GIA certification adds value at the point of sale

9.   GIA certification adds value with a trade or liquidation

10. GIA certification is your guarantee that you are getting the quality being quoted.

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Full Value Trade-Up Policy


Gemological Services will accept in trade a diamond you have purchased from us or from any other jeweler at an equally based credit (trade credit at our current selling price) when purchasing a diamond of greater value.

1.   The new diamond must be at least double the value of the trade.

2.   The cost of modifying the mount to accommodate a larger diamond is additional.

3.   The cost of replacing lost, old, or non-existent certification is additional.

4.   Diamonds that are chipped or damaged in any way will not be accepted in trade.

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